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Full or partial training programs are available. Every horse in training receives a customized program based on needs, temperament, experience, and owner’s goals. This can range from a few weeks to several months or years. Allison focuses on quality over quantity so she keeps the number of horses limited. Unlike other programs where working students do a large portion of the riding, Allison trains each horse herself, ensuring your horse is getting the best education daily. Allison is also available for training rides at other farms and available to compete your horse. If you would like to become part of the team please send us an email. 


Allison teaches all types of riders in clinics, camps, competitions. She is willing to set personal goals and help you achieve them. Allison also provides unmounted educational sessions on horse management skills, nutrition, conditioning, and other related topics.

USPC Certifications

Allison travels throughout the country to give USPC certifications. If your region or club would like to set up a testing "D-C2" level please contact her. Allison is also a National Examiner and will be scheduled at National Level Testings "C3-A" throughout the country. 

Finding Horses

Allison has many connections on the east Coast and Midwest and has helped match many riders with appropriate matches. She enjoys watching horse and rider form a new bond and partnership. She believes it is important to find the right mount for your individual goals and aspirations. She is available for consultation about your needs in a horse: suitability, talent, and level of training to set you up for success. 

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