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Product Sponsorship

Product sponsorship is a great way to expose your product in the equestrian market. With Allison's travel she meets all levels of riders. It's a great way to show off products and have her talk about the products she chooses to use. This will help increases your exposure and creates future long term customers. 

As a Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner Allison looks for the safest products to help protect herself when riding. Shown in photo is the Casco MTR body protector vest and Hit-Air combo. Allison would be happy to discuss her reasonings for choosing this combination and how you can get yours at a discounted rate! 

Casso MTR

Get Maximum Trauma Reduction in a body protector vest with the Casco MTR. It meets or exceeds ASTM F1937-98 standards; this means for both shock and impact. This vest gives riders optimal protection while allowing for mobility. The Casco MTR is the only equestrian vest with a hard panel component. It comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage. There are 24 options, including a choice of material, pattern and color.


The Hit-Air inflatable vest is an innovative additional protection product for equestrians. A coiled wire attaches from a ball in a CO2 cartridge incorporated with the vest to a point on the saddle like a bucking strap. The vest is quickly inflated with air from the CO2 cartridge during a fall or departure from the horse. It absorbs impact as it cushions. Anything can happen when you ride. Be prepared. Add an additional layer of protection, air, with an inflatable vest.Add some text here and double click the image to add an image for your services.

Friends & Family Support

Owning a horse is very expensive. With competition costs, training and clinic fees, veterinary, farrier, and travel expenses it makes it difficult to support ones self. It's a great way to share the love of horses by becoming apart of a team with donations, ownership, or product support. We would love for you to become apart of the team!

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